The creativity continues in the film series Sherley SHERLY...

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Here is news of the series Sherley SHERLY.

The musicians, dancers are faced with strange phenomena. Signs of the arrival of a very evil organization, the deeply disturb. Indeed, the Hazardous Cerberus are here...

The scenario No.1 of the series entitled Sherley SHERLY and Enigmas of the Oxus, ends. Thus, during the coming months, new articles will be published on the site, from the script. You will know of new articles with key figures in the series. Various topics that you know will continue to:

- The Wesss

- The Sherley Sherly Show

- Intrigues and investigations

- Articles

- Surprises

In late June, you will be informed of publication dates of four items extracted from the scenario No. 1, Sherley Sherly and Enigmas of the Oxus, in July and August 2010.

Scenario No. 2 of the series Sherley SHERLY is still being written. Thus, from September 2010, you can discover the title of the screenplay No. 2, articles and surprises in new sections.

The readings will continue with three possibilities:

- Directly in the site.

- Playback Password: Several pages are reserved to the faithful readers of the series Sherley Sherly and they have a password. If you want to get the password, thank you to contact the Webmaster, responsible for sending them.

- Read articles in the book club, Space Member, by registering directly on the site, you have access to exclusive articles readings with new scenes.

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